On July 2nd 2014, CAN-Japan held “United Nations Climate Change Bonn Conference Debriefing Meeting: The World Is Moving Towards a Post-2020 New Framework Consensus” at the Hibiya Library & Museum (Tokyo).


The World is Gradually Progressing Towards an Agreement While Japan Lags Behind

NGO members who participated in the June sessions of Ad Hoc Working Group on the Durban Platform for Enhanced Action and Subsidiary Bodies in Bonn, Germany reported on its results. In their presentations, the urgency of the global warming problem, the forward-looking stance of major countries (US, China, and those in the European Union) towards the 2015 international agreement, as well as Japan’s noticeable lag in global warming measures were pointed out. Furthermore, new trends relating to important themes such as capital and land use were discussed.


“The Era of Thinking About Money Just With Money Has Ended”

Furthermore, Takejiro Sueyoshi, an environmental problems analyst who is highly trusted by businesspeople, gave a special talk. Along with emphasizing that if there is no earth or nature the economy would not exist, he noted, “the era of thinking about money just with money has ended,” pointing to the fact that investors are now taking into account environmental problems. Furthermore, he shared with everyone a powerful message regarding the possibilities of green industries.


See Facts as Facts to Solve Problems

During the final questions, answers, and discussion period, from the floor there were questions and comments regarding the United State’s global warming measures, the meaning of meetings outside of the UN process, and so on. In closing, participants shared their sense of crisis that Japan’s measures were being left behind by the world, and people were called to hold discussions that see facts as facts and connect to solutions.


Many Participants – A Great Success

The event was a great success, with 169 people participating who ranged from the young to the old and men to women. While there are some who say that interest in global warming is on the decline, the large number of young people and businesspersons that participated suggests otherwise. Over 80% of respondents to the participant questionnaire said that they were satisfied overall with the event, and approximately 90% said that the reports and so on were informative. CAN-Japan aims to continue to contribute to global warming prevention through the sharing of information and offering of proposals related to climate change negotiations and Japan’s global warming policies.