List of the Member organizations

 (as of July 2022)

How to Join CAN-Japan


Environmental organizations that agree to the activities of both CAN-International and CAN-Japan are eligible to become members of CAN-Japan. Although there are no eligibility criteria relating to an organization’s type of legal entity or legal status, administrative organizations, businesses and research organizations are not eligible to join. Individual membership is also not allowed.

Annual fee:

10,000 yen

How to join:

Please send your application form and an overview of your organization to the CAN-Japan office by email, fax or post. Upon receiving applications, there will be an approximately 2 week review period. Following this, an organization will officially be a member of CAN-Japan after membership fees are paid. In addition, an organization must have recommendations from 2 existing CAN-Japan organizations (please contact the CAN-Japan office for more information).