Who are we?

The Climate Action Network(CAN) was formed as a way to deal with the problems of climate change. Currently, approximately 900 environmental organizations from over 100 countries make up the CAN international network. Climate Action Network Japan serves as the Japanese base. Since its establishment in 1989, CAN has been actively involved in climate change negotiations by making proposals for international systems based on research and analysis by specialists, sharing information and strategies for strengthening climate change measures, and lobbying governments and media. For 25 years, CAN has been the voice of those in civil society who are passionate about solving the problems of climate change.

CAN is organized into national and regional “nodes”, with CAN-International being in charge of CAN’s overall operations.

CAN-Japan, which is the node for Japan, works with CAN-International on international activities and with domestic NGOs to advance international negotiations and, strengthen domestic climate change policies that support sustainable energy choices, as well as to develop domestic activities that strengthen foreign climate policies.



CAN-Japan’s primary mission, with the cooperation of CAN-international, is to take an active role in negotiations such as those at COP under UNFCCC and the Kyoto Protocol.


What CAN-Japan aims to do:

CAN-Japan aims to meet the ultimate objective of COP which is to “stabilize greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere”, create an ambitious and effective 2015 agreement for COP21, and work towards a sustainable climate change framework.

• To develop an international framework beyond 2020
• To encourage the Japanese government to put forth an ambitious climate change target from a civil society standpoint
• To raise awareness and give Japanese people the opportunity to have a better understanding of the problems of climate change
• To build a “low carbon society” through wide-scale adoption of renewable energy and energy efficiency measures
• To develop activities with the cooperation of NGOs and societies around the world as well as in Japan